Choosing the Right Link Building Services

Link building is the process of creating or establishing relevant or inbound links to the website which help the website in achieving higher ranking with the major search engines and drive traffic to your site. This process helps to save a lot of advertisement money to promote your business. This campaign helps in targeting potential customer market and helps in improving the sales to an extent.

SEO link building is one of the commonest methods of search engine optimization; their process helps in improving the ranks of the website gaining high traffic. The well designed and frequently visited website help you get more back links as it helps you exhibit your website to a greater number of viewers. SEO service aims at creating back links not at random sites or places but on sites which could help attract potential customers or viewers who have relevant interest to your website content.

Advantages of SEO link building services:

• Boost the exposure and credibility of your website and is also helps your site get indexed by different search engines
• Help in achieving high quality back links to ensure the traffic and ranking to your website
• Allows to submit small post along with the links into the system, the longer the post are the more the links
• Provide you with the very best off page optimization money can buy
• It helps in increasing the incoming links to your website and if the website receives more incoming links then the search engine will rank it higher and you get better chance of page one ranking
• Can do wonders for your overall linking profile which in turn will help your traffic and sales
• Will be able to provide valuable back links for your site so that in no distant time, your site will go to higher in the various page ranks
• Helps to overcome all the short comings which you occasionally face when your site rankings remain stand still
• Help you to sort out each and every hurdle coming in the improvement of the trafficking and ranking

Advantages of SEO link building packages:

• It is the efficient and effective way for getting all the linking services from the provider and cost less than buying services individually
• Allows you to make one payment and receive different number of services that are relevant and necessary
• Can help you a long way in your traffic generation efforts

Manual link building is done to gain incoming links by going to the search engines, many of the small business owners believe that this method should be done on your own as it has an important role to play in the success of your website and business. The manual link building is beneficial for such businesses that actually do not do business on the internet, yet they need to be seen and founded here. There are various strategies which can be implemented and before implementing your link building strategy make sure to analyze your competition.

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Effective and Basic Link Building Tips

Link building is the process of increasing the ranking of your site to major search engines by establishing relevant inbound links to your website. A successful link building campaign is essential in sending targeted traffic to your website.

Beginners would often believe that it is the quantity of the links that matters but the truth is building backlinks is not about number. The chances of putting a successful campaign will rely on the relevance and quality of the links.

Other common mistakes in building links includes doing automated spam comments to blog sites, spamming forum sites with unrelated posts with links to your own website, and creating spam directories or websites just for linking purposes.

To correct these misconceptions, here are some tips and ideas on how to build links naturally:

• Know the perfect keywords to use for the anchor texts. It is advisable that you vary your anchor texts.
• Only connect to related pages or websites. This is the basic rule in acquiring targeted traffic.
• Vary the location of your backlinks from the top of the page, inside the body of the posts, even in the footers of the page.
• Build links gradually. It is very important not to build 1000 links in an instant as this will only get you into trouble with search engines such as Google.
• Avoid building links to sites with the same PR value.
• Choose good quality sites for they are known to spam. Choose sites that have good credibility such as .edu or .gov websites. Also, avoid connecting to sites that links to bad neighbourhood.
• Learn to appreciate reciprocal links but don’t overuse them. Try to vary your methods every once in a while.
• Make sure that your links points to your internal pages as well as to your home page.
• Avoid paid linking
• Link with sites that uses the same language. Actual written language is believed to be a factor in ranking the pages of the websites.

Most search engines such as Google and Yahoo have developed counteractive methods on how to prevent or punish black hat SEO practices. While others believed the power of black hat SEO, it should not be your main method in achieving a successful campaign. Search engines like Google have sophisticated search engine crawlers that can easily identify illegal back linking practices. As much as possible, keep your site away from the chances of getting banned by Google. Don’t let all your efforts go to waste.

Link building takes time. Even if you were diligent enough and followed each and every rule, you must not expect that you will see overnight results. Aside from hard work, patience and perseverance are also the main requirements to successfully build links.

If you think you don’t have it, then try looking for link building companies that can offer link building services to you. I am pretty sure that it is not hard to look for someone to do it for you since link building is a big and popular market.

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Ways to Deal With Bad Inbound Links

Many times the webmasters face a peculiar problem. This problem is posed by spammy websites that put low quality links to your website and thus decrease the value of your website. These links in reality don’t do any good for your website instead they make your website weak. These bad links are also hard to remove and it is impossible to do anything about them. The spammy websites mostly link a good website to a link farm which puts bad links on it. Sometimes a rival can spam by using the URL of a good website. Though there is hardly anything you can do about these bad links, yet they should not bother you excessively as most of these bad links are low ranking websites. They hence, can’t do too much of a harm to your website.

Ways to deal with bad links

There are many ranking factors that determine the Google page rank. Just having a few negative links should not be taken too seriously. Instead, it is important to take other steps to counteract this problem. Some of the steps that you can take to negate the influence of the bad links on your website are:

• The links on the website does help in its ranking but that is one of the many other factors. If you can’t remove those links from your website, then try to improve the other factors of the website like, its content, appearance and structure. You should also give importance to the keyword density in your content and try to make the keyword appear in other web pages.

• You can directly request the spammy websites to remove the bad links to your website but if they don’t do so, you can just leave it as it is. Asking Google to remove will not be feasible as Google won’t do it for you.

• The links that you have access to can be used for getting better ranking instead of trying to remove the stubborn bad link.

• Try to analyze the factors that optimize your website ranking. Use the optimization tools that can optimize the ranking of your website. It is not necessary to influence the ranking and indexing for webpage optimization.

• The bad links are lowly ranked websites and can’t influence the ranking of your website much. If you wish to take some action against the spammy websites then report them through Google ‘spam report’ and ‘paid link report’ forms.

• Your web site should have high quality web pages and good website navigation. Web page contents must be Search Engine Optimized so that it gets high ranking in the Google listing.

• Try and get high quality inbound links to your sites. The high quality of the links will protect your website from the impacts of the low grade bad links.

The most important thing to remember is that links are just one of the many ranking factors that help in ranking of websites. A few negative links to your website can’t lower the importance and ranking of your website.

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Social Media Link Building Manually

One way to create links manually in social media environments is by visiting social media sites, forums, and blogs and leaving behind comments with your links in them. However, the great majority of these environments No Follow their links. A more useful way to obtain links from blogs, for example, is to build a relationship with the owner of the blog. The major steps of this process are as follows:

1. Build a list of blogs that are related to your topic area.

2. Start visiting those blogs and adding comments without linking back to yourself, and

develop a relationship with the author(s). The early stages of the relationship begin when the author starts responding to your comments. You can even reach out to the author through one of the major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.

3. Once the relationship has been built and seems solid, let the author know about a related value-add resource you have, either through direct contact (preferred) or in a comment. Make sure there is a real connection between your resource and the content from the author (even if you have to create the content on a custom basis, that’s OK). These steps are meant to be conservative to avoid a backlash from the owners and/or authors of the blog. You can extend this process to forums or social media sites as well. There are ways to be more aggressive with this. Some publishers do not really care about building relationships first and want to push the process much faster. However, there are two significant issues with this:

• Depending on the level of aggressiveness, it may be a violation of the Webmaster

Guidelines and the search engines may choose to take action against a publisher who

pursues this course of action.

• There could be a backlash from the community itself. Offending one blogger may not be a huge issue, perhaps, unless he is very influential. Offending hundreds of bloggers would probably be much worse, particularly if you are trying to establish your site as authoritative in a topic area. In forums, blogs, and social media sites, offending people can quickly scale to a problem of large proportions.

Buying links for SEO

One of the more popular spam techniques is to buy links. This has two significant advantages:

• It is easy. There is less need to sell the quality of the content of your site; all you need to do is determine that the third party is willing to sell a link, and set a price.

• Since the link is an ad, you can simply specify the anchor text you want. Anchor text is a powerful ranking signal, and this is one of the major reasons people engage in link buying. The major downside is that buying links for SEO goes against

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Here is a brief summary of Google’s policy on paid links:

• Links given in return for compensation should not be obtained for purposes of increasing Page Rank.

• The link should be freely given, and the publisher of the potential linking site should be informed of what the publisher is doing. An example of a link where the publisher is not informed is one that is hidden in the No Script tag of a JavaScript-based widget.

Google is not saying that publishers should not be able to buy ads on the Web. Its policy is that links should be purchased only for the traffic and branding value they bring. Google also recommends that publishers selling ads on its site use No Follow links, which means they will have no SEO value. On another note, PPC campaigns using AdWords, Microsoft ad Center, and so on are not considered a violation of the policy against paid links. This is because search engine advertising links are easy for the crawlers to recognize, and the search engines simply don’t count them as a source of link juice. There are three major methods for buying links. These are:

Direct link advertising purchases This method involves contacting sites directly and asking them whether they are willing to sell text link ads. Many sites have pages that describe their ad sales policies. However, sites that openly say they sell text links are more likely to get caught, resulting in their links being disabled from passing Page Rank by Google.

Link brokers

As we mentioned earlier, link brokers are companies that specialize in identifying sites

selling links and reselling that inventory to publishers looking to buy such links.

The major danger here is that ad brokers may have a template of some sort for their ads, and a spider can recognize them as paid links. Search engines may also implement specific programs to detect the customers of link brokers and make examples of them.

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